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Barbara de la Sablonniere Trainer, Author, Speaker

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Award Winning

 "Your engagement with our group, teaching skills & enthusiasm were extraordinary!" B.C.H.R.M.A., Vancouver, British Columbia

"...delivered a dynamic, interactive and thought-provoking seminar for my client......I would not hesitate to recommend Barb as a speaker for all sizes and types of groups." ASN Management, Regina, Saskatchewan

"Your workshop was excellent! It really opens one's eyes!" First Nations University of Canada

"Working with Barb means highly successful results...looking for a top level speaker....utilize Barb's significant skills." RoxEvent Management Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta

"...helped us to meet and exceed our goals and expectations." Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

"In addition to being knowledgeable and professional, Barb provided exceptional follow-up service! Pinnacle Pursuits, Vancouver, British Columbia

"You sure delivered!  You attracted one of our largest audiences...."

"As an added bonus to Barb's knowledge, she has a wonderful presentation
style when delivering the content of her workshops. Whereas most workshops
can be tedious, Barb makes it lively, interesting and personal."

"Barb's presentations are extremely educational, interesting, and participatory.  She presents in terms that can be put into action immediately." 

"As a dynamic and informative presenter at our annual conference,  Barb's presentations to members have imparted vital information including Customers and Competitors at Your Fingertips - the Power of Tradeshows, Networking -Making the Right Contacts and Networking with Attitude.  Our event evaluations clearly indicated the audiences' immense appreciation each year for the insightful and valuable knowledge conveyed in Barb's very own informative and exciting presentation style.   We, and our members - exceeding 400 companies, look forward to Barb's continued participation at our future annual conferences."

"I had the opportunity to hear Barb speak for the first time at a business luncheon.  Her presentation was professional, informative and interesting.  She had the audience participate which made it that much more exiting.  There was never a dull moment.  I would highly recommend Barb to speak at your next event!"

"As a trade show manager I appreciate Barb’s ability to teach first time exhibitors the entire trade show exhibiting process from start to finish; how to exhibit "the right way" from the beginning!

Long time exhibitors can benefit from learning her strategic approaches for attracting target audiences; setting relevant show objectives & develop a strategy for achieving them. Excellent advise is given on how to train your booth staff how to properly engage, qualify & close with prospects, plus create an effective lead handling/follow up process."


Barb de la Sablonniere will work with your business or organization to customize your program, providing:

  • Content-rich material
  • Tools and ideas that can be implemented immediately
  • A customized focus on YOUR business or YOUR Members' businesses
  • MORE of what you need in the program to reach your goals
  • A presentation style that is energetic, lively, entertaining, and thought-provoking
  • Interactive learning
  • Experience

Signature Program:

Trade Show Success:  What It Takes!  (click to go to page)     #tradeshowology

This program is just what your organization needs if...

  • You are a business owner, or you manage your company's trade show program or
  • You are a membership driven organization, whose members are businesses who attend and exhibit at trade shows or
  • You are a trade show, looking to provide an opportunity for your exhibitors to accomplish more sales, more leads and reach their goals at your show

And you are looking for even one of the following....

  • More leads
  • More sales
  • More measurement of success
  • More proactive staff participation
  • More return on investment
  • More focused pre-show planning
  • More qualified communication at the show
  • More at-show relationship building
  • More strategic systems for planning
  • More after-show success

This Trade Show Success:  What It Takes! training program can grow your trade show business or give a new program a healthy "kick-start"!

In a Capsule:  Trade Show Success:  What It Takes!   Does your event incorporate a trade show component?  Are you looking for a speaker for 60 minute presentation regarding exhibiting?  Barb is sure to educate and entertain with a lively but shorter version of her workshop!

  Other Programs

The Subtle Power of Non-verbal Communication:  This presentation is both educational and entertaining!  How does our non-verbal communication affect how we are understood and how we understand others?  Learn how to use non-verbal communication to build better relationships, be more confident and really listen.   Contact Barb for more information

Communicating with Confidence:  This presentation gets to the core of our business and even our personal communications.  Combine it with a Non-verbal component from above and really understand what is being said  - your words and theirs.  We'll explore some of those difficult people and we'll look at how to deal with them.  Do you feel like you are being manipulated?  We can look at that too.  Let's not just explore some of these personalities in our lives, but let's look at ways to be more confident in our dealings with them.  Contact Barb for more information

Networking with Attitude:   Are you looking to make business contacts, learn more from your peers, keep in touch with what is going on in a geographical marketplace or looking to get the word out about your business?  This presentation is for you and your organization.    Contact Barb for more information

Volunteering:  Wisdom from an award winner in the Category "Community Involvement" of the Paragon Awards for Business Excellence.  Are you feeling the burn-out of trying to be Super Man/Woman? Are you volunteering with certain goals in mind but you are not sure you are achieving those goals?   Contact Barb for more information

The Mentor/Protégé Relationship:  Are you starting a business or thinking of starting a business, maybe changing careers?  This is a great presentation for membership driven organizations helping the new entrepreneur.  It's a great 30-45 minute overview and gives you lots to think about from the view of a Protégé and the view of a potential Mentor.    Contact Barb for more information

Trade-Showology Coaching Program:  One on One with Barb - unlimited email access and scheduled phone appointments as you set your trade show goals, and work through your plan.  Contact Barb for more information


Trade Show Success - What It Takes

More Leads.... More Sales.... More Measurement!    More Staff Satisfaction.... More Return On Investment
"Your teaching skills & enthusiasm were extra-ordinary!"
"Working with Barb means highly successful  results!"
"Your skill, expertise, style, and insight in training, helped us to meet and exceed our goals and expectations"

"Every one of our exhibitors said they gained a lot of knowledge they could use in the upcoming tradeshow.  I was thoroughly impressed with your knowledge and energy during the seminar!  You were very good at tailoring your program to our crowd.  I truly believe that exhibitors will make more sales from future tradeshows after attending this seminar."

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Your program may include several components or only one component. 

Options range from a 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day, or full process program and may include any of the following:

  • facilitation of a strategies assessment process for your organization as it pertains to your trade show program with management and following up with staff training to communicate those strategies at the trade show (specific to your organization)
  • 2 day program with management and booth staff present, working through the strategic planning process together (customized)
  • 1 day program, customized to meet the needs of the group
  • 1/2 day basic program
  • 1 hour - "at the show" refresher for exhibit staff
  • 1 hour presentation at the trade show (Exhibitor breakfast, Exhibitor luncheon, etc.)
  • 1/2 hour presentation at the trade show (Exhibitor breakfast, Exhibitor luncheon, etc.)
  • Other - a customized option, just for you

An Outline may include some or all:

  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Adding measurement to our goals
  • Show selection
  • Budgeting and Trade Show financial considerations
  • Do pre-show promotions work, and if they do what works best
  • Design considerations for our booth
  • Tracking and evaluation
  • At-show communications
  • How to engage, qualify and present to the right attendees
  • How to close on trade show interactions
  • Value-added components for after-show sales
  • How a draw can help you reach your goals or "kill" your program
  • How a give-away item can help you reach your goals or keep your staff from being proactive
  • Incorporating Social Media at the Show
  • Dealing with different Trade Show personalities
  • and so much more!


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